The IEPA’s key objectives are: to engage with Government and its agencies to promote publishers as policy partners; to provide members with effective market research, statistics and timely information; to stay close to e-learning ; and to promote dialogue around adequate spending on learning resources; as part of an overall blended learning strategy.

To this end, the IEPA intends to: Partner with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) and the Department of Education (DES) to secure sufficient notice and clarification of syllabus change to enable an efficient roll-out of new curricula.

Communicate relevant industry messages to stakeholders in education, including parents, students, government bodies, charity organisations and the media. Liaise closely with and represent the interests of the IEPA members on relevant industry issues.

Work with the DES on matters of mutual interest, such as development and implementation of key strategic initiatives (education strategy and reform, digital strategy.)